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Resilience To Recovery is a local ‘National Disability Insurance Scheme’ (NDIS) registered disability service provider located in Parramatta, Sydney, NSW. We aim to deliver the best services possible, to change the lives of vulnerable people, and break down the stigma around disability in the community.

Our Support services

Allied Health

We provide our participants with on-site health specialists including psychologists, social workers, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, and more.

Education Help

To overcome the lack of school support and communication barriers, our specially-trained support workers provide in-depth education and homework help to resident students.

Skill Development

We dedicate our time and efforts to work with our participants on discovering and nurturing their skills, talents, and capabilities.

Goal Setting

Goals shape efforts and give them meaning. We make sure participants can clearly find and work towards their personal and collective goals.

At Resilience to Recovery We value

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Resilience To Recovery is not a charity. We are a community. We work together, we grow together, and we build together. In our family of participants and support workers, your recovery is a goal guaranteed.

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Australia is a lovely multicultural community. We know how difficult it can be for a family with special-needs members to integrate into society. Inclusiveness is a priority focus in the mindset and design of all our services.

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Break the cycle of dependencethrough skill development, education help, and talent nurturing. Our mission is to build our participants’ autonomy at all levels, to help them be self-reliant, to stand on their own feet.

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Our Impact

Rakia Elkhansa

Resilience to recovery is my second home they are lovely people support worker are like friendly and helpful so I love the group and very proud at resilience to recovery

Susila Chhetri

excellent support for all Health dimension. family environment. motivating and inspiring staff.

Sahar Omar Hamdan

thank you very much best service best people I am never feel good with any service before this service

Rouba Chamsine

Honesty in dealing loving and giving infinite flexibility for recovery

Howaida Alameddine

Just wanted to say a BIG thank you all for the ongoing support and guidance provided by the Resilience to Recovery. I have never felt more comfortable and satisfied with the staff from this team. I highly recommend you all, keep up the great work 👍

Ali Alasaad

Work for magnificence, pay, and humanity. Bless your efforts

Anand Verma

We've been with other NDIS agencies before to look after a family and coordinate the services they have access to. None have been like Fida and her team. They are passionate about the people they serve and go the extra mile, they even visited my family member in hospital, came and sat in on meetings and Fida already got a plan for how my family member can live their best life! We get peace of mind knowing that they have got my family member's back. I highly recommend them.

Kiran Reetu

excellent service . motivating and inspiring staff well facilated environment.

Ron Kumar

My friends at Resilience to Recovery really look after me. I have been with them for over 3 years and can say they will go above and beyond