About Us

“We work together, we grow together, and we build together”

Our Values

At Resilience to Recovery we encourage unity and value our client’s rights, through choosing to operate ethically in order to achieve success

Our Goals

Resilience to recovery works tirelessly to ensure that all our clients are included in all of our activities while also educating them and removing all barriers through giving them the resilience to recover. At Resilience to Recovery we accommodate to suit the specific needs of all our clients while ensuring they are enjoying themselves.

Our Mission

Resilience to Recovery is family owned and aims to foster a family environment. We are committed to support people with a disability in achieving their goals. We are dedicated to advocating and advancing the interests of our clients

Our Vision

We aim to make a difference in the lives of people with a disability. We aim to ensure that each and every individual realize how special they are to the world. Resilience to Recovery work hard for the betterment of our clients to ensure that each moment is a memorable one whilst in our care.

Our Team

Our Resilience to Recovery family are passionate about providing the steppingstones for a better future while aiming for the highest outcomes. At Resilience to Recovery we believe that all dreams can be achieved which is why we work until dreams become a reality. “Why reach for the stars when you can become one?”

Lillian Mawad


Ahmed Mahmood


Khaled Yehia


Nebisha Shayka


Nour Abdo

Social worker

Dr. Yaser Mohammad

Occupational therapist

We are Resilience to Recovery

Resilience To Recovery is a local ‘National Disability Insurance Scheme’ (NDIS) registered disability service provider located in Parramatta, Sydney, NSW. We aim to deliver the best services possible, change the lives of vulnerable people, and break down the stigma around disability in the community.

Our story

Our story unfolds from a place of war, displacement, pain, and suffering, but it transitions towards resilience, healing, recovery, and success.
The story of Resilience To Recovery is a love story. We started with our community’s precious special-needs individuals in mind. Their personal growth, recovery, and healing are our motives. We come to your life as a community, as a family, and as an invaluable support network to carry you through a smooth healing process. Though this process is a lengthy one, our battle-tested belief is that our love, care, and support can get you where you dream to be.

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