Inclusiveness Should be at the Heart of Disability Services

Inclusiveness Should be at the Heart of Disability Services

One thing we have discovered through our work at Resilience To Recovery is that inclusiveness is a term that is very important in our industry. It is, however, a term that is not always implemented or even given priority. Resilience To Recovery was founded based on our understanding that there are various communities in Sydney that not only lack support but are unable to access services and hence marginalised as a result.

As service providers in a very multicultural society we need to be aware of where different communities and groups have come from and how their needs differ from other communities. For instance, we have found that as a result of the conflicts in the Middle East that there is an influx of refugees from Syria who who are accessing disability related services including being approved for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

As such at Resilience To Recovery we make sure we have skilled and trained staff who can deal with the different needs and interests of specific communities. We pride ourselves on being inclusive, culturally sensitive and supportive of different cultural needs and backgrounds. Our support staff reflect that need and we work everyday to develop and grow with our participants.

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