Fashion Show Celebrates Diversity and Resilience

Fida Hamed the CEO of Resilience To Recovery welcoming the guests in preparation for the fashion show.

This week Resilience to Recovery held an important cultural diversity awareness raising event. The event involved a fashion show which used the wonderful artistic talents of one of the support workers Rajaa Kadhim. Rajaa is an Iraqi woman who fled to Australia as a result of the sectarian conflict in the country. After experiencing terrible violence and trauma’s Rajaa arrived in Australia where she began her long journey towards recovery and healing.

One of our wonderful participants Faten walking the runway in one of Rajaa’s creations.

It was when Rajaa joined Resilience to Recovery that she really began this process. At Resilience she found work and an environment which was inclusive and supportive. In working with the wonderful participants who had various levels of visible and invisible disabilities she began to regain her confidence. In her own words her healing resulted in providing love and care to those who were worse off than her. Rajaa continues to be one of the most popular and loved support workers at Resilience to Recovery.

Uncle Bruce Gale who provided the welcome to country for the event.

The fashion show called “Rebirth” was suggested by Rajaa as a way of thanking Resilience to Recovery for providing her with the opportunity to heal. The show was also Resilience To Recovery’s way of thanking Rajaa for all her contribution and wonderful work as a support worker.

One of our support workers, Sushila showing off another one of Rajaa’s wonderful creations.

The event was attended by a number of local organizations and government disability service providers such as STARTS, Cumberland Women’s Health Centre, Uniting, along with a number of local businesses and community members were present. The aim of this event was also to network with similar organizations and introduce Resilience To Recovery to the community and local organizations working in the field of disability services.

Nada, another great participant walking the run way as super woman!

Resilience to Recovery will continue to hold such important events as a means of celebrating its support workers and participants. The event was a fun way to allow the participants to enjoy a unique experience, but also for the support workers such as Rajaa to be recognized and celebrated.